Planning And Design Phase

We will start off by sitting down with our sales professional Jason Lawrence, he will ask and listen to all of the details, needs and wants you require for your home.

If you have your own floorplan we can price it out and build for you. If you have not chosen a floorplan we can work with one of ours and customize it to your needs or draw one up from scratch. This is the starting point for building your home, customized to your needs and desires.

Once we have a good starting point for your floorplan we will go through the details/finishes you will want in your home. This includes specialized heating and cooling system options all the way through flooring and paint colors.

If you do already own your property we will visit the site with you to ensure the type of home you want to build and the things you want to do with your home will work with your property. We even go as far as putting together grading plans for lots that have some contour and having topographical survey work done to ensure there are no drainage problems after your home is built.

If you do not yet have a property, Jason can assist you with finding a property that fits your specific needs and desires. Whether you are looking for acreage west of the interstate, having a walk out lot with a southern exposure or a back yard that has some privacy abutting to open space or woods. We will then research the property making sure there is nothing there that can create problems with building and if so calling them out. We will then negotiate on your behalf, obtaining the lot for the best possible value and you having peace of mind, knowing all there is to know about your new property.

Construction Phase

Construction starts along with a pre construction meeting with Mike and Jim, the owners and expediters of your home. They will give you and go through a schedule of what will happen when with a tentative move in date. They will go through the blueprint with you as well as all the items you have selected for your home. This ensures things don’t get missed and are ordered correctly.

During construction, Mike or Jim are on site daily ensuring everything is happening the way it should be. This gives you a very smooth and enjoyable building experience knowing that we are giving great time and attention to your new home from start to finish. Most homes take approximately 5 months to build, if your home is going to take longer you will know up front. We encourage site visits and communication when your home is under construction to ensure expectations are met. From the excavation and pouring of the foundation to framing the home, we want to make sure the experience going into the drywall and trim phase stays exciting and communication and accessibility remains open.


At completion you will have a walk through with Mike or Jim to ensure everything has been done to your complete satisfaction.

The secret of making this an enjoyable experience is setting realistic expectations, providing good communication and our “hand holding” philosophy created by Jim and Mike owners of Joseph Scott Homes. This process will ensure you have a “Miracle on 34th St” and not a “Nightmare on Elm St”. (A sense of humor is also important during the building process.)

After completion we are still not finished, making sure that if any items come up after move in, we will work with you to take of these for you. Joseph Scott Homes is proud to partner with Wisconsin utilities in providing new homes meeting the focus on energy label.

A Focus New Home gives you:

  • Peace of mind. Focus provides you with the confidence, expertise, and assistance to help you build the home of your dreams
  • A more energy-efficient home. Estimated to be 10 percent more efficient than homes built to the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.
  • Proof of energy efficiency. Any builder can say they build energy-efficient homes. The difference with Focus is that you have a third-party certification to prove it.
  • Easy decision making. From initial planning and preparation through construction and inspection, we will be there every step of the way, making sure your home meets the highest standards of quality craftsmanship and ensuring your investment is a sound one.

When you buy a Focus New Home, you get the benefit of knowing you’re helping preserve Wisconsin’s environment. Less energy used means fewer environmental effects on our air, water, and land.

Customer Service And Follow Up

Joseph Scott Homes is available for follow up and warranty work. We will provide a clear process as to regular scheduled work, mechanical system contacts and emergency numbers to ensure a clear procedure to follow.

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