Choosing the Right Site for Your Custom Home in Southeast Wisconsin

The Importance of Site Selection in Custom Home Building in Southeast Wisconsin

The site of your future home is more than just a piece of land; it’s the foundation of your dream. In Southeast Wisconsin, an area known for its diverse landscapes and communities, selecting the right site is crucial. Joseph Scott Homes is here to guide you through this vital step in your custom home building journey.

Factors to Consider

Key Elements in Site Selection for Custom Homes in Southeast Wisconsin

Location Proximity

Consider the distance to essential amenities, schools, and your workplace. The right location will complement your lifestyle.


The natural layout of the land can impact both the design and construction costs of your custom home.

Zoning Requirements

Always check local zoning laws to ensure that your dream home is a viable project on your chosen site.

Regional Insights 

Popular Areas for Custom Home Building in Southeast Wisconsin


Known for its affluent community and excellent amenities, making it ideal for luxury custom homes.


A perfect blend of urban and suburban lifestyles with multiple site options for custom homes.

Whitefish Bay 

Offers coastal sites for those who prefer a home with a view of Lake Michigan.

Joseph Scott Homes: Your Guide 

How We Assist You in Site Selection


Our experts sit down with you to understand your requirements and preferences, narrowing down the best locations.

Site Visits

We organize visits to potential sites, giving you a firsthand experience before making a decision.

Due Diligence

From zoning checks to soil testing, we ensure that the site is perfect for your custom home building project.

Building Your Dream Starts with the Right Site in Southeast Wisconsin

Choosing a site is perhaps the first and most crucial step in the custom home building process. With Joseph Scott Homes as your partner, you can rest assured that your dream home in Southeast Wisconsin will be built on a foundation as strong and personalized as the home itself.