Trends are always changing. One minute it’s seafoam bathtubs and shag carpeting (also in the bathroom…) and the next it’s jacuzzi tubs and canopy beds. Keeping up with what is popular right now may seem impossible, but our amazing designers are experienced and ready to help you build the perfect home for your family. Curious what’s “in” right now? Keep reading for current design trends and how to avoid an outdated home in a few years. 

  • Natural Finishes. Bringing earthy and woodsy elements inside through natural finishes on floors and furniture against a muted and light background. This takes a little more of a minimalist approach to modern design. We love that this style will age with your home and can be easily renovated to any trend with a few new pillows and accent pieces! 
  • Open Shelving. Doing away with traditional cabinets is becoming more popular. While this may seem like a great way to display your adorable dinner sets and mug collection, open shelving is not for the faint of heart. We recommend adding in a few open shelves to display some of your favorites, and keeping the rest safely inside your cabinets to prevent dust and possible damage. 
  • Traditional. A more minimal design using neutrals, diminished details, and elegant comfort has sprung up out of the pandemic and is becoming increasingly more common in millennial homes today. Similar to natural finishes, this style is more timeless and most pieces will not go out of style as the years move on. 
  • Shiplap (or any other textured walls). We think shiplap may already be on its way out, but we wanted to add it anyway. We love a good shiplap, but when it comes time to renovate, removing the dozens of boards off the wall will make you want to rip your hair out. We recommend looking into temporary options for any textured or accent wall. This may be peel and stick, painted/drawn on, or a removable wallpaper. 
  • Farmhouse. Thanks to a popular TV show, the chances of finding a barn door and cow salt shaker in kitchens all over the country is becoming more and more common. White walls, cabinets, and often countertops are used with bold dark accents. Farmhouse is another simple fix should your design preferences change over the years. With some new decorations, you’ll have a completely updated space ready to move on to the next theme!
  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable. It’s no secret that Americans all over are beginning to care more and more about the planet we are leaving to the next generation. Using eco friendly elements is one way to switch up your design whenever you want without the guilt of filling the landfills!
  • Functional Living. People are deciding to invest in a functional home over the picture perfect home more and more. This may be through built in storage, quartz countertops to prevent staining, or smart features scattered throughout. The whole purpose of functional living is to make your life just a little bit easier and keep your home looking its best. 
  • Light and Airy Paint Choices. More and more people are choosing to forgo dramatic paint colors (or wall paper…) and replace it with a clean white or light grey. This helps keep your home “in style” for longer with a simple change of decor whenever you’re ready for something new.

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